Play 26 SONGS with 4 CHORDS! part 5 songs 15 to 20

Here’s some more easy 4 chord songs for you! In this lesson, each chord is for 2 beats. The chords are in the same order, but we start on the E minor this time! so the chord sequence is now;

Chord sequence 4- 2 beats of each from Em

|Em         C              |G             D               | |

26 Songs with G,D,Em and C <<< Click for songs and chords as free pdf

See the videos below for a more detailed run through each group of songs!


1:20 More to life by Stacy Orico

4:38 What If God Was One Of Us? by Joan Osbourne

6:09 Africa by Toto

7:20 Hall Of Fame by The Script

10:12 Holiday by Green Day

11:48 If I Were A Boy by Beyonce