Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger

Here's how to play the classic Oasis song 'Don't Look Back In Anger'!

This song features the tricky F barre chord, if you need more help on that- check out this free lesson on how to nail it!

There is also one chord that I couldn't figure out at the time of recording the video...

Over the lyrics "Take that look from off your face" I suggest playing an E7 chord in the video. In reality, Noel plays a E7/G#, played 4X0400, diagram on the left (It's the G chord moved up one fret, 3rd finger moved up a string, and mute string 5 with your first finger).

My bad for not figuring this out at the time but I was on a pretty tight filming schedule at the time, though it's no excuse I know! I like to use the original artists records and videos to teach accurately and i just couldn't work it out at the time.

Remember - Click the Chords icon above to view the full chord sheet for free online - and check out my tutorial for Wonderwall if you have not already!

And here's how to play the SOLO!

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