Band Song 19 - Song 2 by Blur

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Here's how to play Song 2 by Blur on guitar!

This song uses power chords to play the entire song and is an essential electric guitar riff to learn!

This video is party of the Andy Guitar Band Program where after following the tutorial below you can jam along to a full live band with Andy in the video!

This aims to help those who struggle to jam along to full songs and to also help those who have the ambition to play in a band one day. I hope it helps!

Let's get started!

Song breakdown

Intro/ verse riff

This should be played with root 5 power chords starting on F sharp and going to E, G, A and B! The rhythm uses 16th strumming and chord hand string muting to create the signature riff!

Chorus - woo hoo!

Part 1 (Andy) - power chords played close to the head of the guitar, same chords as above and strumming 8th notes

Part 2 (Thomas) - A octave notes at the 12th a 14th frets, strumming 8th notes

Andy Guitar Band - Live cover of SONG 2

Here's the live cover alone so you can jam along to the live band without having to search through the tutorial video. Use this video to practicing jamming along to full songs - enjoy jamming along!

**Video to follow**

Get more help

Need more help than this tutorial provides?

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Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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