Band Song 4 - Teenage Kicks by The Undertones

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Welcome to the guitar lesson for song 4 of the Andy Guitar Band Program - Teenage Kicks by the Northern Irish punk rock band The Undertones!

I've lost count of how many times I've seen a cover band play this song, and it's has always been enjoyable to play in the cover bands I've been in over the years.

Punk bands are known for keeping things simple. If you can play power chords, you can play this song.

Song breakdown

Main Guitar Riff

There is essentially one guitar riff through the entire song. This can be played with power chords with the root on either string 5 or string 6.

Need more help with power chords?

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Main solo

The solo is based on the D Minor pentatonic scale and uses lead guitar techniques such as double stops, string bending and unison bending.

>> Learn about these techniques in Andy's Rock Lead Guitar Course here

Andy Guitar Band - Live cover of Teenage Kicks

Remember, to play in a live band you don't just practice till you can get it right, you need to practice till you never get it wrong! Therefore it is an essential part of this course that you revisit these pages and play along to the live covers like you're a in a real band and you're rehearsing your live set! Here's the live cover alone so you can jam along to the live band without having to search through the tutorial video - enjoy jamming along!

An embedded YouTube video is missing from here because you have video cookies disabled.

Get more help

Need more help than this tutorial provides?

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Next Up: Band Song 5 - Twist And Shout by The Beatles

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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