Extreme - More Than Words Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

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More Than Words by Extreme is a classic example of fingerstyle guitar. It uses a 'pluck & thumb tap' technique for the chords in this song & then for percussive elements too!

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5 tips before attempting this song:

  • Thumb tap on the thicker strings to add percussive elements

  • Thumb tap & then using other fingers to play thinner strings to highlight chords

  • Playing off-beat rhythms on the 'ands' - to a count of 1 - & - 2 - & - 3 - 4 - &

  • Changing root notes of a chord but keeping the thinner strings the same - G to G/B & Cadd9 for example

  • Final tip, making it your own once you've gone through this tutorial & really got the basics down

Full play along video

More tips to play this song

Fingerstyle technique: The video focuses on teaching the Inside Out fingerpicking pattern, which is used throughout the song.

Chord progression: The song is played with a capo on the third fret and uses C major, G/B, and A minor 7 chords.

Thumb position: Keeping the thumb in front of the fingers helps achieve a cleaner sound and avoid a scratchy tone.

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