Improve your String bending, vibrato and legato // Another Guitar Show Episode 15

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In this episode Andy and Thomas talk about how a range of guitar techniques, such as vibrato, bends and legato, can help you phrase and inevitably ensure that you sound better!

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It is very likely that the main reason your favourite player IS your favourite player, is due to their phrasing. It is a combination of the vibrato, bends, legato and many more techniques that all intertwine to make a unique sound. We will look at these three techniques separately before putting it all together with some examples.

Phrasing lesson links 

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The main lick that Thomas is basing his solo on is tabbed out below, which is a super simple and super cool lick. However, as the boys chat about, it's only cool because of the phrasing... The use of the bends, vibrato and legato. Such a great example! the lick uses shape 4 of the pentatonic scale in C major, as shown below.


Andy chooses a really cool, Chuck Berry style lick, to demonstrate the impact of phrasing on the guitar. This lick is based in the F# minor pentatonic shape and is tabbed below. Give it a try!

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