Lesson 1 - Your FIRST SONG! // 10 Songs in 10 Days for KIDS

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Welcome to LESSON 1 of my series Learn 10 songs in 10 days for KIDS!

Here, we'll cover some easy chords that ANYONE can play (even really young children!)

We will then learn how to strum and sing the most popular and well known song in the world, 'Happy Birthday'.

If your guitar is out of tune >> learn how to tune your guitar here


Day 1 - Easy chords and 'Happy Birthday'

Chord sheet for Happy Birthday

Overall Concept

A huge part of this course is just playing the thinner three strings of the guitar. This means that many chords that kids find difficult can now be played with just one finger.

However, each time i show the easier option, I also demo the full chord option too, so YOU are in control and you have the choice of which to go for, either will work fine! By the end of the 10 days, we'll work towards the full chord options, but you always have the easier options if you wish, you are in control!

Easy chord options

Here are the easier chord options, which are ideal for kids as two of them use only ONE finger and none require a stretch.

Full chord options

These are the same chords, but played using all strings that can be played for each chord. Work towards playing these chords towards the end of this course, but start with the easier ones above for now!

Share your progress!

Share a photo or video on instagram or facebook and use the hashtag #AndyGuitar if you want to watch and comment!

Next Up: Lesson 2 - Your First RIFF! // 10 Songs in 10 Days for KIDS

Well done! Let's jump into the next lesson of the course.

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