Lesson 3 - 'Royals' by Lorde //10 Songs in 10 Days for KIDS

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Welcome to LESSON 3 of my series Learn 10 songs in 10 days for KIDS! Here we'll cover a super modern song that most kids and families will know, but perhaps wouldn't guess you could play it on guitar! 

Here's how to play ''Royals' by Lorde, a very easy strumming song!

This song has all the same chords as in Day 1, but we'll have more of a focus on strumming and learning about bars and beats.

If your guitar is out of tune >> learn how to tune your guitar here


Day 3 - Easy strumming with 'Royals' by Lorde

Bars and beats

The beat is the main pulse of the song. The speed or tempo of a song is measured by how many beats there are in a minute. This is called bpm, which is short for Beats Per Minute.

At this stage, we usually use a count 4 beats to a bar. We draw vertical lines to indicate the start and end of each bar. This is most important for the chorus of this song, where we strum two bars of the D chord, one bar of C and one bar of G and repeat!

This sequence or chord progression can be written like this!

|D    |D    |C    |G    |

This is repeated for every chorus. The verses of this song just stay on the D chord and strum on the beat - easy peasy!

Easy chord options

Here are the easier chord options for all chord in this song. These are ideal for kids as two of them use only ONE finger and none require a stretch.

Full chord options

These are the same chords, but played using all strings that can be played for each chord. Work towards playing these chords towards the end of this course, but start with the easier ones above for now!

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