Songs that sound the same // Ep. 1 Wonderwall

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In this series, I hope to share with you how songs from different decades and genres can actually use the same chords in the same order.

Here's a few songs that sound basically the same as... WONDERWALL and also Def Leppard!

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I will link to any video tutorials I have done plus chord sheets below the video in case you wish to have a go at this yourself - enjoy!

Songs featured...

0:09 Wonderwall (video tutorial and chords here)

0:23 D'ya Know What I Mean? by Oasis (chords here)

1:06 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams by Green Day (video tutorial and chords here)

1:28 Writing To Reach You by Travis (with the excellent lyrics 'What the hell's a Wonderwall anyway??') chords here

1:50 What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake (chords here, I changed the key for this one)

Also, songs that sound similar to Pour Some Sugar On Me by the mighty DEF LEPPARD!

2:24 The Joker by Steve Miller Band (video tutorial and chords here)

2:44 Midnight Memories by One Direction (chords here)

3:08 Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus  (chords here)