10 Great Songs To Play And Sing On Guitar

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Here are my top 10 (not too obvious) songs to play and sing on guitar!

The main qualifier for these songs is that the rhythm of the singing is on the beat OR goes with the strumming well. The biggest thing that can throw off the coordination needed to sing and play at the same time is syncopated rhythms, which means rhythms that are not aligned with each other and that go off-beat. 

Need more help? Try this video of my Top 10 tips to play and sing at the same time!

10 Songs to play and sing (with tutorial links!)

This list included fairly well known songs.

For more song options, check out the free song tutorials in my Beginners Course here

Song 1 - Sweet Home Chicago by Eric Clapton (among others)

Song 2 - Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash

Song 3 - Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley (among others)

Song 4 - Free Falling by Tom Petty

Song 5 - Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard

Song 6 - Bad Moon Rising by CCR

Song 7 - Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac

Song 8 - Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

Song 9 - The Joker by Steve Miller Band

Song 10 - That'll Be The Day by Buddy Holly

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