How to get started playing LEAD Guitar // Another Guitar Show Episode 11

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In this episode of Another Guitar Show, we cover how to get started playing lead guitar - particularly on electric guitar in the Rock genres.

This video is appropriate whether you are a total beginner, advanced player or someone who is just more used to strumming chords and wants to start playing solos!

Acoustic only players may wish to check out this previous episode on Acoustic Lead Guitar

Also, my co-host Thomas is available for skype guitar lessons and face to face lessons in the Guildford area.

 >> If that appeals to you then get in touch with Thomas here

Part 1 - Lead Lead Guitar in Four Simple Steps

1. Getting started

If your totally new to playing single strings (i.e. you normally just strum chords) I recommend getting started with the minor pentatonic scale and learning 3 or 4 super easy riffs or lead lines with this scale

>> Check out Andy's E minor pentatonic scale and songs series here

2. Learning Guitar Riffs and solos

Guitar riffs are an easy way to begin playing more single strings. The repetitiveness of them can make them faster to learn than full guitar solos

 >> Recommended riffs and solos to get started playing real lead guitar

3. More simple scales and moving positions

>> See more free scale and solo lessons here

4. Start improvising! 

>> Check out Andy's Full lead guitar course here

Part 2 - Suggested areas of learning

Technique lessons

Theory knowledge​

Improvising, licks and melodies

Recommended lesson >> Play a guitar solo with just THREE notes

Part 3 - Suggested solos to learn

Example 1. Queen - Don't Stop Me Now- free tutorial link
Great solo, largely based on the major pentatonic scale with some major scale notes added and great phrasing! 

Example 2. AC/DC - You shook me all night long - free tutorial link

Wicked song, and the solo is a great example of how to move between pentatonic positions. 

Advanced learning - modes

See a free series on modes and Lead Guitar on the Your Guitar Academy website here

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