How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Absolute Beginners - Where to Start?

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In this video, we'll look at how to play Acoustic Guitar as a total beginner, starting with the absolute basics through to learning a few easy songs!

We'll also cover all the COOL things that even total beginners can play on guitar, but that might not be found in your average 'beginners' acoustic guitar lesson.

The BIG difference here is that I will then demo each of these things LEFT HANDED, which is the wrong way round for me! This way, I put myself in the position of an absolute beginner and put my money where my mount is and see if I can play it!

The things I am playing are based on the essential chords and songs from my online Beginners Course, which you can get started with here for free

>> Andy Guitar Beginners Course - get started for free!

How to Play Acoustic Guitar for Absolute Beginners

Can't wait to get started?

If you've been inspired to give guitar a go, then I have two pathway options I can offer, both including tons of free lessons and free song tutorials.

Option 1 - 100% FREE 10 Day Guitar Starter Course

Learn a new chord or two each day, then strum along to me with 10 songs for the fastest possible progress for getting started on acoustic guitar!>> GET STARTED NOW!

Option 2 - Andy Guitar Beginners Course

Andy's most comprehensive pathway forward for any guitar player on electric or acoustic guitar!

Get started for free and ALL song tutorials are 100% free.

Some lessons appear 'locked'. To unlock these and to make the entire course available for digital download, check out the premium version here

Also available in paperback book and on DVD

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